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Ground-breaking digital artistic experiences and opportunities that everyone can be part of.

We strive for a creative world that champions diversity, inclusivity and innovation.

Through advice, training and creative opportunities, we support artists who experience barriers to create their best work.

Remote_CTRL Residency
An Access And Creative Tool

Based in South London, filmpro works nationally and internationally with:

  • Artists experiencing barriers to making digital art who need varied support to create vital work, with particular emphasis on Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent artists.
  • People and organisations in the arts sector who wish to foster more inclusive and diverse creativity and a more representative cultural sector
  • Audiences looking for ground-breaking, high quality and accessible experiences

We are an organisation of digital artists, led by Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent practitioners, who ourselves experience barriers to making our art.

We have built an organisation that provides a vital safe space to create and collaborate. Artists are valued, properly resourced and provided with the necessary access: financial, digital, development, production, distribution and marketing support.

We work across a wide range of art forms and establish new ways of exhibiting: artists and audiences meet without compromising on creative vision and accessibility.

We are designing a world where more diverse artwork can be created and celebrated and where everyone can meaningfully take part in creative digital practice to feel represented, understood and heard.

Anything Can Happen, 2009 © John McCafferty


Caglar Kimyoncu

Artistic Director

Callum Sunderland

Assistant to Caglar Kimyoncu

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