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Zeynep Dagli

The black and white profile of a woman with graphic drawing replacing her hair.

I have been interested in the negotiations and meditations of internal / external struggles, and traumatic experiences in relation to death, dying, suffering and madness. In my previous work I have researched, examined, speculated and/or analysed how dark and painful experiences have revealed themselves by way of reflection and in artistic formulation. It’s been a personal journey as much as an academic one.

caglar k

A portrait of Caglar Kimyoncu wearing a pair of glasses.

Caglar is a London-based transmedia artist.

Chas De Swiet

A portrait of Chas De Swiet between the trees.

Chas is a creative producer and artist, he has a specialism in disability arts and diversity.

Pete Edwards

A black and white portrait of Pete, smiling, with his head on his left arm.

Over the past twenty years my artistic practice spans acting, devising and leading workshops. I am also a playwright and author.

Juan Soto

A black and white portrait of Juan Soto, caught while using an old videocamera.

After graduating from the three-year regular course of Documentary Filmmaking at the International Film and Television School (EICTV) in Cuba, Juan Soto moved to London where he works as a freelance film editor and AV Technician in art projects of multidisciplinary natures.

Izzi Valentine

A portrait of Izzi Valentine, lying in front of the camera with her cat and her eyes closed.

Izzi Valentine is a multidisciplinary artist and neuroqueer mischief-maker from London. They work across e-textiles, jewellery, costume, film, writing and curation.

Michael Achtman

A portrait of Micheal Achtman, holding a mug.

Michael is a writer and filmmaker whose work spans narrative and non-narrative genres. He is also an audio describer and access consultant. For the past decade, he has collaborated with Deaf and disabled artists to create film and video work that explores accessible artistic practice.

Calum Perrin

Calum Perrin is a sound designer and composer from Newcastle, working across theatre, music and live art.

Tobi Adebajo

Tobi Adebajo is an anti-disciplinary artist who works in various creative and communal spheres focusing on movement, sound, visual and written works. From exploring the realities of existing as a Black, Queer, Trans, Disabled person, to creating unique audio-visual pieces, Tobi aims to illicit curated reactions from the witness/viewer.

Tink Flaherty

Tink Flaherty is an artist making intimate, provocative work exploring disability, class and connectivity.

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