filmpro conversations

A graphic image with filmpro's logo announces the next filmpro event, Filmpro Conversations, at Cockpit Studios, the 28th February 2023. A logo shows that the event is funded by the National Lottery Award for all England.

filmpro is back with its first live event after the pandemic with the first of a series of events called “filmpro conversations”. This is going to be a one-day event about disability and sustainability within the arts sector and will be held on the 28th February 2023. Our hope is to open a conversation about the state of the arts and discuss our […]

An Access And Creative Tool

filmpro presented an exhibition to pilot our augmented reality (AR) App at the Art Pavilion, Mile End as part of Nesta’s Amplified Programme.

filmpro lates June 2015: Define Me By Qila Gill

The event presented a body of work in film and moving image by Qila Gill. It was a call for interaction with the viewer, an open invitation to discuss the idea of the ‘correct’ label that can define the individual behind the art work.