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filmpro AR app

The picture of a screen and a person with headphones using the AR app on a tablet.

filmpro’s artistic director Caglar Kimyoncu working with AR developer Albert Barbu created a prototype that worked as both a creative and an access tool for artists working with moving image in a gallery environment.

As an evolution from its common usage our AR App enabled moving image to trigger synched audio description, sign language and captions with the artwork in physical space, as well as provide additional narrative content. Developed in our creative lab the prototype was first piloted in Lisbon for project VAST/O by Carolina Martins.

Then our AR app was tested in a London exhibition presenting works from filmpro associate artists Caglar Kimyoncu, Michael Achtman, Chas de Swiet, TKRDS and Zeynep Dagli, and bringing Lisbon project by Carolina Martins and Natalie Woolf. The exhibition invited audiences to explore the app using the provided devices for both additional creative content and access tools.

filmpro is a grantee of the Nesta Amplified fund. Amplified is a fund from innovation foundation Nesta set up to support cultural and creative organisations seeking to develop digital ideas that generate social impact.

Project Gallery from London exhibition

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