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Left to right: Transitions II, Tobi Adebajo; Wacko, Tink Flaherty; Texture Recipes #1-3, Calum Perrin

In 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown in the UK, filmpro commissioned three self-defining disabled and neurodiverse emerging artists to produce new work that pushes the boundaries of digital platforms. We are delighted to present the outstanding works via an innovative online exhibition, which will go live on Tuesday 19th January 2021, opening alongside an online in-conversation event with the artists.

Tink Flaherty is an artist making intimate, provocative work exploring disability, class and connectivity. Their practice includes public intervention as well as devised autobiographical performance. Tink is neurodivergent and committed to creating work that is accessible and engaging for neurodivergent audiences. Tink’s piece WACKO is a film-based multimedia installation project on the taboo topic of hitting oneself. “Hitting myself is a performative ritual and a way of feeling in control, grounded and present. It is a way to process when overloaded, it helps me under-load”. Tink is collaborating on the project with film artist Susanne Dietz, experience and interface designer Efi Ntoumouzi and dramaturg Daniel Oliver.

Tobi Adebajo is an anti-disciplinary artist who works in various creative and communal spheres focusing on movement, sound, visual and written works. From exploring the realities of existing as a Black, Queer, Trans, Disabled person, to creating unique audio-visual pieces, Tobi aims to illicit curated reactions from the witness/viewer. Their practice draws upon all the senses, inviting intentional collaboration to create work that opens conversations around access, love, healing and liberation. Their audio-visual work, Transitions II: Movement in Isolation, forms part of a series of movement pieces that “serve as a recollection of journeys in Spirit”. Following a being, or “éégún” (in Yoruba), the work explores movements through space/s, conversation and experience.

Calum Perrin is a sound designer and composer from Newcastle, working across theatre, music and live art. During lockdown, Calum has been exploring the sensory dimensions of ‘home’, its textures and feelings, in an online sound installation. He asks, what are the tensions between the comfort of domesticity and the restrictions of domesticity in this time, particularly from a neurodivergent perspective? The commission encourages audiences to play with these sounds as ‘texture recipes’. The audience are invited to interact with the piece, choosing when and how to play each ‘texture recipe’ – comprising of both print and sound – and whether to play these as multiple sounds, or on their own, so that each experience of the piece will be truly unique to that individual. Ultimately, the work asks viewers to reassess the hierarchies of domestic space, especially as this relates to disability.

All artworks are Audio Described, captioned, and include BSL interpretation (where applicable). The event will be BSL interpreted.

Funding for the filmpro Online Commissions was made possible by the National Lottery, Arts Council England, and The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

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