Texture Recipes #1-3

Calum Perrin

Artist Statement

The neurodiverse sensory experience of the domestic space is specific. An equilibrium between control and chaos. A tension between comfort and restriction. Domesticity becomes more than everyday functionality-the materials of the space are constantly reordered, restructured, reassessed.

Halls, stairs, landings; the in-between becomes more than connecting space, but instead a place to linger and be. Doors are closed in an attempt to segment off the home, finding calm in these non-spaces. Knees pulled up seated on carpeted stairs, looking down through the bannisters. Horizontal in spaces usually passed through, the view of the ceiling from the carpet. Feet on the wall, hands brushing carpet. The sensation of peeling skirting boards, the stillness of being. A transitory space turned into a sight of soothing comfort.

These spaces hold the potential of sensory activation through material and texture; the opportunity to interact and discover an embodied relationship to the domestic.Through dismantling the hierarchies of the domestic space and laying them out for you to create your own sensory activations, I invite you to explore Texture Recipes #1-3.

Through sound composition and printmaking, I have mapped the in-between in my own home. I present them here for you to play, re-order and experiment with, and to use as impetus for sensory reimaginings of your own domestic space.

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