filmpro Lates December 2015: Z EyeZ

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filmpro Lates December 2015: Z EyeZ

An exceptional event by Extant in collaboration with the Sloboda Clinic Croatia.

Extant, Britain’s leading professional performing arts company of visually impaired people, premiered a presentation in London where the results of a recent exciting medical research was unveiled.

The audience was cordially invited to attend and discover first-hand the progress of this revolutionary research.

We welcomed the audience to one of the two special presentations on the evening which included a film screening, beginning at 6.15pm and 7.15pm, respectively.

The audience was welcome to turn up and talk to the medical representatives from the Sloboda Clinic. They were at reception to give you information about the research, ask your feedback and comments, and respond to your questions.

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About Extant

Extant is the opposite of extinct. Formed in 1997 Extant was the inspired name chosen by a group of professional visually impaired artists, for the emergence of a new dynamic space, intended to redress our invisibility as artists and explore new creative territories.

Extant’s work pushes boundaries, is consultative and involves high production values.

About the Sloboda Clinic

Sloboda Clinic, Croatia’s leading providers of ophthalmic consultancy and treatment, is based in Zagreb. We specialise in pioneering surgery techniques and drug treatments and are dedicated to better eye health.

An optotype whose letters has been modified to show the title of the event: ZeyeZ

Event details

Thursday 3 December, 6pm – 8:30pm

The two presentations begun at 6.15pm and 7.15pm respectively. Each one lasted for approximately one hour.

filmpro, Studio 3, 1 – 15 Cremer Street, London E2 8HD

Level access was provided from the street entrance to the filmpro studio.

Guide dogs were welcome.

The film, included in the presentation, had built-in audio description and subtitles.

filmpro lates

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filmpro lates were curated and co-produced by Foteini Galanopoulou

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