Workshop leaders for our upskill labs

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Workshop leaders for our upskill labs


Please let us know if you require this document in an alternative format or have any other questions about the post or application process. Email:

  1. About the role
  2. Project overview
  3. About filmpro
  4. How to apply

About the role

We are recruiting for two kinds of workshop leader roles

More information about the wider project is below, but these upskill labs are designed to equip 10 disabled campaigners with creative and organisational skills to reduce their dependency on specialists and reducing the limits of ableism.

Your role would be to:

  • This session will either be held in person in a location in Lambeth or on zoom, depending on the needs of the participants of the upskill labs 
  • Plan and conduct  a half day long session with regular breaks
  • Be mindful of the access needs of the participants of the upskill lab
  • Provide an outline of how we should be designing the 3 hour session for participants to reflect on what they have learnt or to create

Creative Workshop leader role

Based on our research, we are particularly looking for for people who are knowledgeable in 

  1. Photography
  2. Videography
  3. Audio

Organisational Workshop leader role

Based on our research, we are particularly looking for for people who are knowledgeable in 

  1. Access riders
  2. Time management
  3. Focussing techniques
  4. Self and collective care


Dates: One half day on a Tuesday between 21st May- 27th June

Type: Flat fee

Responsible to: Project Manager 

Salary:  £300 flat fee, payable on receipt of invoice after the workshop

Project overview

With filmpro with ten we want to push deeper into the relationship between art and disability justice. And we want to make an effort to explore this as openly as possible! How can creative skills contribute towards a more accessible world? What tools can artists share to make our movements more exciting and expressive? How can artists and campaigners work together to recognise and break through barriers to inclusion? What’s working for us? What isn’t? A better life is possible for everyone but no one can do it for us. We all have to be part of it, and we believe art can be a powerful way of making that a reality. With filmpro with ten we’re deeply excited about exploring these potentials in depth. It’s what we’re about.

The project will be divided into four phases and take place over 18 months. 

Stage One – Research

We asked contributors to complete the short survey here with the potential to meet online or in person for a 1:1 interview with our researcher Blue (they/them). 

These contributions will provide vital research on how to support disabled people in arts and social movements. We did not have funding at this time to compensate our contributors, however participants in this stage will have the opportunity to be selected for later for these upskill labs. 

We are now in the second phase of this project. 

Stage Two – Development

For the second phase our team at filmpro are using these contributions to the research to identify the gaps in accessibility in the world of campaigning. The feedback that was provided will be used to develop a series of tailor-made, accessible training labs to support the participants work and learn new skills. 

Stage Three – Upskill Labs 

This is the phase of the project that we are recruiting you for.

Stage three of the project will be the delivery of a 6-week training programme, supporting 10 Disabled D/deaf or neurodivergent campaigners based in Lambeth or South London.

Led by disabled artists and practitioners of the disability arts sector, these sessions will be developed directly from our research findings and from what the participants want to learn. 

The 12 upskill labs sessions which will take place over the course of 6 weeks will consist of:

3 sessions on organisational skills

3 sessions creative skills such

There will be 6 sessions in between these sessions where they can reflect on the workshops, what they have learnt and to create art.  You are not required to attend the reflection session but you will be required to provide an outline of how we should be designing this session.

Sessions will be a half day long with regular breaks. 

By skilling up disabled campaigners, we will be reducing the limits of ableism on our participants’ work and capacity building by reducing their dependency on specialists. 

We want to support tomorrow’s change-makers and equip them with tools and skills so they can keep moving forward in their cause independently, access more opportunities and garner deeper networks of solidarity.

We hope that this new skill set will help with reducing burnout and increase the ability for disabled people to remain in justice campaigns and create art they love. 

 At the end of this phase, we will host a public event for participants to share their work.

Stage Four – Mentorship 

The last phase of our project will be a 6-month mentorship with monthly check-ins with our participants. We want to ensure our training is effective in providing long-term support that allows for interdependent growth and flourishing. 

We will also be creating a  PDF manual on inclusive campaigning. This will be online on our website and shared on our social media accounts.

The final phase will involve a 6-month group mentoring period, during which participants will receive monthly check-ins to support the integration of the course learnings into their day-to-day work. Throughout all four phases the filmpro team and participants will work on the production of a PDF manual to compile collective knowledge and experience for public distribution. The aim of the manual is less about listing currently available resources and more about understanding how and where to find them. What are the right kinds of questions to ask and where to reach out? The project will conclude with the release of this manual. 

About filmpro

filmpro is a registered Living Wage Employer

filmpro’s office is located at:

276 Oak Square

ACME Studio 005




The ACME Studios building has a level approach to the front entrance and a large goods/passenger lift which serves all floors. All wash-up rooms and toilets are accessible. More details are available by request. 

The nearest tube station is Stockwell (0.3 miles away). The nearest tube station with step-free access is Brixton (0.5 miles away). The nearest bus stops are on Stockwell Road (within 0.1 mile away). No parking available on site, but local residential bays available for Blue Badge holders.

filmpro is an organisation led by disabled people and it is important to us that lived experience remains at the heart of our team. We are committed to the social model of disability, which argues that oppression, exclusion, and discrimination are not the natural consequence of impairments, but result from how society is run and organised. This role is only open to disabled candidates. We further strongly encourage applications from all people whose backgrounds, lived experience and skills are under-represented in the sector.

How to apply

Please fill out this application form to apply.

Please let us know if you require this form in another format or if you would like to apply by audio or video please email:

Applications can be submitted in written, audio or video format (3 – 5 minutes long).

Please also send a completed Equality and Diversity Monitoring form, which you can find here.

Application deadline: 18th March 2024

We aim to let applicants know if they have been successful by the 28th March

You may be asked to attend an interview for this role.

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