Negotiation between Madness & Sanity

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Negotiation between Madness & Sanity

A screaming person on a tableau made of 150 other people showing different ranges of emotions
Photo Credit: Julie Pasture

A project by Zeynep Dagli

This collective experiment unleashing the most primitive and urgent started in 2014. The project proposed to engage directly with our right to scream as a means of negotiating between madness and sanity; to let ourselves take refuge in screams and to capture the cathartic interruption in time with/in an audio/visual artistic formulation. It intended to bring a new insight to creative and positive aspects of a/the Scream.

Having already captured dozens of screams, I was struck by the range and intensity of emotions expressed by participants and elicited in the audience – rage, fear, sadness, but also seemingly joy. What does a scream signify? Is it a taboo, often repressed? Does one scream trigger another, like laughter? Is it possible to capture a collective cathartic experience both for the screamer and the viewer?

Regardless of age, gender, culture, and race, a scream is universal and cannot be easily ignored. This subject matter triggers in all of us a direct response to negotiations of internal/external struggles.

One scream says more than a 1,000 words.

Special thanks to:
Juan Soto
Caglar Kimyoncu
Foteini Galanapoulou
Cristina Perezzani
Nina Dimitriadi
and filmpro

Curating and collecting screams ended in 2019 but NBMAS continues to be exhibited:

2020 – Online Exhibition, Arts & Health Network Australia,
2020 – 14-20 January, filmpro-ARapp exhibition, The Art Pavilion Mile End, London/UK
2019 – 24 October, Finest Cuts, Anatomy Arts, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh/UK
2019 – 20-23 June, I AM MY BODY, I AM MY MEMORY, Multidisciplinary Festival of Contemporary Arts, at Officine Forte Marghera, Venice/Italy
2017 – 22-23 September, D-LECTIRICITY Detroit, Night-time audio/visual festival, Detroit/USA
2017 – 27-31 March, the Barbican Open Lab Residency
2017 – 9-12 January, the Crypt Gallery residency and exhibition, London/UK
2016 – 9 December, Anatomy #14, Multi-Arts Performance & Cabaret, Summerhall Edinburgh/UK
2015 – 28 August, HYSTERIA #Eruption Launch, Hackney Attic, London/UK
2014 – 2 October, First Thursdays Open Late Galleries filmprolates, Acava studios Hoxton, London/UK

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