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A Abolition The political idea of creating a world that imagines ways to figure out  harm and conflict beyond punishing each other and/ or putting

Blue’s first blog post

Tuesday 2nd January 2024 Hey guys  It’s Blue (they/them) here, the new researcher for filmpro. To give you a bit of background about me, I

filmpro with ten

filmpro with ten exploring the relationship between art and social change filmpro with ten Community Interest Company registered in England and Wales No. 6971339Copyright ©

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(Archive) Project Manager

filmpro is recruiting a project manager to work with us on ‘filmpro with ten’, a new research and training project funded by the Disability Justice Fund.

A graphic image with filmpro's logo announces the next filmpro event, Filmpro Conversations, at Cockpit Studios, the 28th February 2023. A logo shows that the event is funded by the National Lottery Award for all England.

filmpro conversations

“filmpro conversations” is a series of events promoted by filmpro about disability and sustainability within the arts sector. The first event was hold the 28th February 2023 at


filmpro supports a wide range of artists and digital projects by our associate artists and others. Click on the links below to get a more

The black and white profile of a woman with graphic drawing replacing her hair.

Zeynep Dagli

I have been interested in the negotiations and meditations of internal / external struggles, and traumatic experiences in relation to death, dying, suffering and madness. In my previous work I have researched, examined, speculated and/or analysed how dark and painful experiences have revealed themselves by way of reflection and in artistic formulation. It’s been a personal journey as much as an academic one.

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