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In conversation with… Jon Rees

Continuing our series of artist interviews, we spoke to photographer Jon Rees about his practice, how lockdown helped him to reassess his work and the ethics of street photography.


In conversation with… Pete Edwards

For the first in our new series of artist interviews, we spoke to filmpro Associate Artist Pete Edwards about his early love of the stage and why we need more opportunities for disabled actors.


In conversation with… Doreen Edemafaka

We continue our series of artist interviews with illustrator Doreen Edemafaka, hearing about her latest project, envisaging an accessible utopia, among other things.


Calum Perrin

Calum Perrin is a sound designer and composer from Newcastle, working across theatre, music and live art.


Tobi Adebajo

Tobi Adebajo is an anti-disciplinary artist who works in various creative and communal spheres focusing on movement, sound, visual and written works. From exploring the realities of existing as a Black, Queer, Trans, Disabled person, to creating unique audio-visual pieces, Tobi aims to illicit curated reactions from the witness/viewer.


Tink Flaherty

Tink Flaherty is an artist making intimate, provocative work exploring disability, class and connectivity.

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