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(Archive) Project Manager

filmpro is recruiting a project manager to work with us on ‘filmpro with ten’, a new research and training project funded by the Disability Justice Fund.

A graphic image with filmpro's logo announces the next filmpro event, Filmpro Conversations, at Cockpit Studios, the 28th February 2023. A logo shows that the event is funded by the National Lottery Award for all England.

filmpro conversations

“filmpro conversations” is a series of events promoted by filmpro about disability and sustainability within the arts sector. The first event was hold the 28th February 2023 at


filmpro supports a wide range of artists and digital projects by our associate artists and others. Click on the links below to get a more

The black and white profile of a woman with graphic drawing replacing her hair.

Zeynep Dagli

I have been interested in the negotiations and meditations of internal / external struggles, and traumatic experiences in relation to death, dying, suffering and madness. In my previous work I have researched, examined, speculated and/or analysed how dark and painful experiences have revealed themselves by way of reflection and in artistic formulation. It’s been a personal journey as much as an academic one.

A portrait of Caglar Kimyoncu wearing a pair of glasses.

caglar k

Caglar is a London-based transmedia artist.

A portrait of Chas De Swiet between the trees.

Chas De Swiet

Chas is a creative producer and artist, he has a specialism in disability arts and diversity.

A black and white portrait of Pete, smiling, with his head on his left arm.

Pete Edwards

Over the past twenty years my artistic practice spans acting, devising and leading workshops. I am also a playwright and author.

A screenshot of the Juan Soto short film "Parable of return" showing the profile of the protagonist in front of an airport departure/arrival screen.
Artist Work

Parable of the Return

Wilson left home in Medellin (Colombia) on his way to Bogota but he never arrived to his destination. Thirty years later after the peace agreements with the FARC, he returns from his exile in London to meet his family who believe him dead. The plane journey shapes a parable just like the title of the poem by Porfirio Barba Jacob.

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