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filmpro supports a wide range of artists and digital projects by our associate artists and others. Click on the links below to get a more in-depth idea of our past and present work.

Remote-CRTL Residency

Five Disabled artists were invited to make new work that explored and expanded the ways that MiMU Gloves can be used as a creative and access tool.⁠ Curated and produced by Izzi Valentine.

Orin & Anto

Michael Achtman’s new film: Forced to share a London AirBnb for the night, a young, non-binary marine biologist and an older gay hipster confront the queer generation gap.

Overlayered screaming faces

I am my body, I am my memory

filmpro associate artist Zeynep Dagli exhibited Negotiation between Madness & Sanity in Venice as part of the Multidisciplinary Art Festival ‘I’m my body, I’m my memory’ hosted by Action Hybride.

filmpro AR app

filmpro’s artistic director Caglar Kimyoncu working with AR developer Albert Barbu created a prototype that worked as both a creative and an access tool for artists working with moving image in a gallery environment.

A screaming person on a tableau made of 150 other people showing different ranges of emotions

Negotiation between Madness & Sanity

This collective experiment in unleashing the most primitive and urgent, engaged directly with our right to let ourselves take refuge in screams and to capture the cathartic interruption in time with/in an audio/visual artistic formulation.


A film by Michael Achtman. Anna, a woman who’s chronically ill, is visited by Doreen, a door-to-door proselytizer who makes herself at home and stays the day, slowly defrosting her non-welcome.

John McCafferty At Liberty Festival

John’s work was showcased at the Mayor of London’s Liberty Festival, part of the National Paralympic Day on 30th August 2014. filmpro was proud to have supported the production of this exhibition.

Sailing Out Of Grain

Sailing Out of Grain was an intimate portrait of Hilary Lister, the first disabled woman to sail solo around the UK. This new artwork by renowned artist Juan delGado captured Hilary in a distinctive, mesmerising way.

datce - disability artists training creative enablers logo written in bold letters on a light background

Disability Artists Training Creative Enablers – DATCE

Disability Artists Training Creative Enablers – DATCE was a pilot project ran by filmpro ltd between July 2011 – July 2012 that provided skills and training to a pool of creative individuals to work as ‘creative enablers’.

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