Remote-CRTL Residency

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Remote-CRTL Residency

Remote_CTRL Residency

An exciting new collaboration between MiMU Gloves and filmpro, curated and produced by Izzi Valentine. Remote-CTRL Residency invited 5 Disabled artists to make new work that explores and expands the ways that MiMU Gloves can be used as a creative and access tool.⁠

This remote residency is for, and led by, artists who are interested in exploring the digital realm, and who self-identify as Disabled.

Our fantastic group of resident artists were selected via an Open Call. ⁠

About MiMU Gloves

MiMU Gloves are wearable controllers which use new motion-based technologies, allowing artists to make music through movement. The Gloves started life as a ground-breaking new musical instrument, created by Imogen Heap and the MiMU team. Since then creatives have begun to use them in many other ways, including in visual arts. Watching artists develop their own new ways of using the gloves, in music and beyond, MiMU are always excited to see the Gloves pushed in new directions. This residency, in collaboration is a space for exploring what else is possible. ⁠

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