Sailing Out Of Grain

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Sailing Out Of Grain

The picture of steps surrounded by a stormy sea.
River of Life © Juan delGado

‘A flickering light in the darkness, a lighthouse watching, a woman dreaming’

Sailing Out of Grain was an intimate portrait of Hilary Lister, the first disabled woman to sail solo around the UK. This new artwork by renowned artist Juan delGado captured Hilary in a distinctive, mesmerising way.

‘A triptych, a fragmented portrait, sounds from a life’

Drawing on poetic and evocative images, Sailing Out of Grain was a non-linear narrative split over three screens, with a nuanced, naturalistic soundscape.

‘A sail flaps in the wind, in anticipation, in the call of the open sea’

Sailing Out of Grain explored themes of dreams and reality, freedom and confinement, and challenges our perception of what constitutes the ‘perfect sports body’. It was the story of Hilary’s journey to regain her independence.

After completing his Masters in Media Arts in 2001, Juan has developed a powerful body of work in both video & photography, which has been exhibited in Media & Arts Festivals worldwide. He has worked on a range of projects supported by the British Council, Spanish Ministry of Culture,Well- come Trust and UNESCO amongst other international bodies.

In his recent work delGado has created atmospheric three-screen video installations focusing on con- cepts of gender, sport & disability.Produced with funding from Arts Council England, Sailing Out of Grain is part of a series of works in which the artist explores how personal memories are strongly rooted to the landscape (Suspended Reverie, 2006-07, Le Reve de Newton, 2010, Fluctuating Fragments, 2011).

Premiered on 19 July 2012, at the Marlowe Theatre (Canterbury)


19 -24 July 2012 Marlowe Theatre, The Friars, Canterbury
27 July – 9 September 2012, ICCI360 Arena, Weymouth

Sailing Out of Grain Blog

Funded by the Arts Council England

Additional Info

  • Director: Juan delGado
  • Producer: Çaglar Kimyoncu, filmpro ltd, Executive ProducerNeath Films Ltd, Post Production
  • Year: July 2012
  • Location: South East
  • Information:A collaborative project between artist Juan delGado and sailor Hilary Lister
  • Visit the project’s blog to keep up with its progress!
  • Sandra Tabares-Duque – Production Manager
  • Toby May – Sailor / Manager
  • Rachel Boyd – Scriptwriter
  • Van Quan – Personal assistant
  • Vaia Paziana – Team Assistant
  • Social Media: Cat Marshall (TBU), Natalie Smyth (TBU)
  • Partners and Supporters: Hilary’s Dream Trust, Neath Films Ltd & filmpro ltd
  • Arts Council England
  • Completed: July 2012

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