what makes you who you are – Jogja/Indonesia 2019

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what makes you who you are – Jogja/Indonesia 2019

A project by Caglar Kimyoncu

An interactive, transmedia exhibition

Producers: PSBK & Iteq Fitri Kristiyoarti (Indonesia)
filmpro & Chas de Swiet (UK)

7 January 2019 – 6 February 2019 (Production)
7 February 2019: Exhibition Launch
8 February – 2 March 2019: Exhibition

Artist Caglar Kimyoncu explored the question “What Makes You Who You Are” in an interactive, transmedia exhibition at Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiardja (PSBK) in Yogyakarta. Incorporating video installation, augmented reality (AR), an online blog and related workshops, the project looked at identity, and how people defined themselves in relation to culture, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality and disability.

This new project followed up on Caglar Kimyoncu’s British-Council sponsored Research and Development at PSBK in 2018, as well as collaborative work in Makassar and Jakarta that culminated in installations at the groundbreaking Bebas Batas exhibition at the National Gallery of Indonesia, the country’s first exhibition by Deaf and disabled artists.

“What makes you who you are” originated from PSBK’s main gallery but used the entire site, with its fluid boundaries between interiors, exteriors and the surrounding village. Stories and characters were introduced in the main gallery space through the use of monitors and artefacts. The audience got to know more about the characters, their lives and relationships with other people through the AR experience situated throughout the PSBK location.

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment whose elements are “augmented” by extra layers of digital content experienced through a mobile device, i.e., smart phone or tablet. This variety of presentation modes reflects the intersectionality of ‘identity’ and also provides an excellent platform for creating accessible work for diverse communication needs.

The piece was developed through interviews with a diverse range of subjects, followed by a period of improvisation with three local actors, who collaborated on the creation of scenes and portraits exploring the theme. The improvisations were filmed and edited to form the central elements of the installation, alongside the recorded interviews.

  • Completed: March 2019

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